Founder's Message

Dear Members and Friends: 

Samuel Friedman, Founder, Nonprofit Consultant NetworkThank you for your interest in and support of the Nonprofit Consultant Network. I convened this group in order to meet other consultants serving nonprofit organizations.

I was motivated to take action by two experiences during the early years of my consulting practice. There was a project that I was qualified for and was of great interest to me, but I did not submit a proposal. When the executive director indicated his surprise that I did not respond to the RFP, I indicated that it was because of the combination of the scope of the work and my personal circumstances. The second catalyst was when a former client advised me they were seeking a full-service consulting firm.

My objective in meeting other consultants was to be able to expand the scope of services I could offer and be able to respond to projects requiring greater resources than those which I as a solo practitioner offered. My other motivations to form the consultant’s network came from a desire to have a peer support group and my understanding that there was something I could learn from this group about the business of consulting.

Now that this group has been meeting for several years, I can say that in both aspects my objectives have been met. Not only have I partnered with various colleagues on a variety of projects, but I have a much broader knowledge of best consulting practices as well.

Samuel W. Friedman 
S. Friedman Associates
Founder Nonprofit Consultant Network