Both members and approved nonmembers of the Nonprofit Consultant Network can support our organization by purchasing Sponsorships. Currently we offer two types of sponsorships: Meeting Sponsors and Banner Advertisers.

Meeting Sponsors

Meeting sponsors pay $50 that is applied to the room rental for our meetings at the LaSalle NonProfit Center facilities. Meeting sponsors are acknowledged at each meeting and are also listed on the event webpage for the specific meeting they are sponsoring. Meeting sponsors are also entitled to place a complimentary banner advertisement (with a click through to the sponsor website) in the sponsorship section of this event page. Meeting sponsor banners are to be provided at 280 x 200 pixels, in the .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Up to two individuals may split the cost of sponsoring one meeting. Upload your meeting sponsor banner advertisement.

Banner Advertisers

Banner advertisers can purchase a banner to be located on the sidebar of our website for a one year period. Banners are to provided at 280 x 200 pixels, in the .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Banner ads cost $500 per year on our home page, with all other pages costing $250 per year. Ads are set up to display for 20 seconds and then rotate in a random order. Submit a banner advertisement.

Thank you to our Supporters

As a thank you for your sponsorship, your name or company name will be indefinitely listed on the supporters page of our website, with a hyperlink to your website.